Arcane Semantics: Rollie Quaid – Hollywood, Government Agencies & Social Engineering (3-19-18)

This airing we have Rollie Quaid once again joining us. We discuss some of our favorite films and analyze some of their implications. We then discuss connections between Hollywood, various government branches and agencies. We consider what much of the intended messages are in some of these films, and in the careers of many of these actors, producers, writers and rockstars. Various agendas and film themes are discussed, including the potential social engineering motives behind them. The show concludes with some insight and analysis of the dystopian film genre.

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Rollie Q-Anon
6 years ago

Dammit Kyle, you blew my cover! My name is not Quaid!!!

Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

Talking of fictional sequels, did you see that Mayweather wants to train for MMA? What price a rematch with Mcgregor, and the black man wins again, duh! Profit & propaganda for the Vegas (((mob))), once more.

PS Good show gents. Happy Ostara (for Tues 20th?) to all Renegades. Limited hangerout crrow777 points out that it’s always a few days out. If you look at the official sun here/gone times, the nearest equal day/night was the 18th. More jewish trickery?

“You blew my cover” Quaid
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

A couple months ago Mayweather rented out an MMA gym which had to be very expensive because it cost me hundreds of dollars to get one on one time with a coach. But I wish I could see him train he look so out of place from the footage we saw saw of him training. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see Connor McGregor beat the shit out of them in a boxing match so if it went to the cage how we know that match would not be rigged to?

If they fight again I will definitely cover it

6 years ago

In They Live, Carpenter said that is why he purposefully dragged out the fight scene. To emphasize how hard it is to get people to open their eyes to the truth.

In 1950’s two Governments underwent a social experiment. Soviet Russia and America to see how easy it is to control a nation. In Russia they put a jackbooted cop with a truncheon and gun on every street corner and made sure the people knew they were living under a vicious regime. In America they put a TV in every living room and repeatedly told the people they were free.

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