The Solar Storm: Joseph Davis – How Tiny Israel Controls the World (3-18-18)

Kyle speaks to Joseph Davis about his website and how Nick Spero’s work inspired him to collaborate with others. Joseph has compiled a resource dedicated to exposing how Israel’s determination to excel in high technology has led to a world of kill switches, backdoors, ADL hate indexes, anti-goyim golems, mad machines, and mind-controlled goyim slaves.

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6 years ago

Very important show. Thanks Kyle and Joseph.
This needs to be shared around.
I’ll do my part.
This show alongside the one linked are must listen.

Reply to  Yrton
6 years ago

Thank you. I’ve added the link to Kyle’s show here:,

6 years ago

It’s a frightening scenario to think they may control all US highways with Mobileye technology surveillance and self-driving cars, not to mention drones. In the last eight months or so, the GA Dept of Transportation has clear cut I-16 and I-75 meridians, these were mature pines and oaks that added some green relief. Now cameras are going up, at the overpasses. Are they preparing the roads for vehicle-to-vehicle communication, drones and needed to get rid of the signal blockers (trees)? They said it was for ‘security’ but I also noticed they said it was for goal of making sure highways are ‘connected.’ On GDOT’s website, the head of it says Amazon has second largest headquarters here in the state. This clear-cutting has made people distraught… Read more »

Reply to  Callwen
6 years ago

I talked briefly to the GDOT spokeswoman who likely is out of the loop. But a lot of this self-driving stuff is coming out of ATL, and a researcher at GA Tech there said something to the effect, most vehicles will not have people in them. It’s similar to a highway proposed on west coast for AV only, no humans. Could it be that they are using infrastructure funds to reshape the highways, totally cutting out peoples’ input, to favor these tech companies? A gardening store right by an exit was passed over for a bit for replanting, btw, in favor of a landscaper putting in non-native species that are carried by birds and the seeds, well you know….invasive species. A lot of residents are… Read more »

6 years ago

Great show Kyle and Joseph. I too will be sharing this broadscast with others. Having worked many years ago around these subhumans, I can attest to the fact that they are bred to be psychopathic. From the genital mutilation on day 8, to the being raised on a kibbutz away from their parents, to being told they are chosen yet persecuted, to mandatory military service.
All of this is done to foster lack of empathy, misogyny, delusional supremacy and extreme hatred of non jews. It is all done to create murderous terrorists. Keep up the good work exposing them.

6 years ago

I shared Hellstorm with a friend at work a month ago earley thirties husband dad. Great welder btw. Told me this morning that he was starting to listen to Renegade and this particular broadcast. Thanks gentlemen.

Ghost Man O; War
6 years ago

Brilliant show. What is the name the song Sinny sings with the lyric riff, “…..go back to Israel, go back to Israel…go back to Israel…” It’s really a good one. For the life of me, just can’t find it. Just when ya think ya know it all…..wham! Empty. Oh well. I’ll blame the fluoride this time.

Ghost Man O; War
6 years ago

Oh, Kyle, I forgot, Ai. Wouldn’t that be the A=1 and I=9 and total 10 in Gematria….the number of “god”? hahaha I mean….they love this gematria stuff, do they not?

6 years ago

thanks for the show.

good to see people continuing nicks work!


5 years ago

Looks like JD’s website is down.

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