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3 years ago

Apparently you are mandated to wear a mask here in Poland even while outside on a walk. I’m in a rural area 30 KM outside Warsaw, thankfully the local deli doesn’t care. I’ve never put a mask on. The last time I wore a face mask was when I was laying fiberglass insulation in a roof on the Gold Coast in Australia back in 2011. I will NEVER wear a mask. They will have to kill me before I ever put a face-diaper on.

Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

Leave any business or education centre that requires you to take in their anti-White mind or body poisons.

Form Aryan co-operatives for your particular skills/hobbies, and set-up home schools that will teach health, life skills and the truth to future generations.

P.S. Good viewpoints, Kyle. We White folk need to remove ourselves from their ongoing genocidal agenda.

3 years ago

I’m inviting all my friends over for a WHITE Christmas party. The cuckolded system pigs aren’t going to risk everything for their mommy governor. Not in this neighborhood.

Robert Heimdal
3 years ago

Meanwhile in the retarded paradise of Trumpilandia:
President Trump’s Hanukkah Message: ‘With Courage, We’re Gonna WIN This Folks’ (Dec 11, 2020)

Lady Cat
Reply to  Robert Heimdal
3 years ago

They also started there lockdown in NYC, one day after Hanukkah No Christmas for the goyiem I don’t believe in Christianity, but I know it drives the “every day” ones insane… and where I am well, they’re fuggin everywhere. So I get my giggles. I PURPOSELY say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone Obvious muslims, jews, everyone And I put up MERRY CHRISTMAS decorations on my window Not seasons greeting or happy holidays. Those rats don’t even care about Hanukkah. They made it up to compete with Christmas. So fug em I also believe the “C.Q” will be the biggest divide among our people going forward and I’m not so convinced it’s the best strategy to start tackling it right now as per the JQ, then again,… Read more »

3 years ago

Please tell us the original name of the intro song.

Angry Aryan
Reply to  Helm
3 years ago

Waffen SS Choir – Neue Deutsche Welle (Remix)

In Gratitude
3 years ago

The 93% White, small-town of Murdock, Minnesota city council voted anonymously to allow a pagan, pre-Christian, Whites-only, Nordic heritage group to take over an abandoned Lutheran church.

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