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Lady Cat
3 years ago

I’ve come to refer to them as “Gimp mask”, because yes, I do think more then anything, as everything serves multi-purposes because they are nothing if not savvy bargainers due to their proclivities to hyperventilate when departing with any shekels, and this is a 4 for 1 sale on slaughtered goyiem, that this is a public humiliation ritual for us whites. And like the gimp, unfortunately a lot of these guys love their box and many are getting off on the warped hero worship and power trips, will be ratting us out and having us swatted because we were walking with more then “groups of 2” Taritino is a degenerate pedo and I avoid Hollywood at all cost (with the exception of a quiet place… Read more »

Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

Monday the 14th is a total Solar eclipse, and just 7 days from our Yule. It figures that they would release their parasite poison in the U.S., on days where the wandering stars align.

Robert Heimdal
3 years ago

The military and the private corporations walking hand-in-hand. Thanks god-emperor, thanks jews:
VACCINE D-DAY OPERATION WARP SPEED BRIEFING (Dec. 13, 2020) by debess | BitChute

Reply to  Robert Heimdal
3 years ago

So much open treason going on, If that shit doesn’t send up a red flag to people they deserve what they get from that jew shot.

3 years ago

A friend of mine’s mother got Bell’s Palsy. It lasted a lifetime.

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