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3 years ago

Get ready for it. “Within weeks….Every American will receive a vaccine. There will be no have and have nots”-Army Gen Gustov Perna
They make it sound like we’re lucky to get it. There’s plenty to go around no matter how much money you have….. And they’re going to do it for free. Aww that’s so nice. Government is so sweet

Reply to  Fearsh
3 years ago

I have been ready. And passed ready for people like you who stoke fear and compliance. Your comment weakens us and does nothing to strengthen us.

Reply to  Fearsh
3 years ago

Oh and another thing: Do they really want to come after already vaccine-damaged persons who are a bit radical??

3 years ago

Cyber covid
This guy is probably the biggest shill in the ROI.

20 de abril de 1889
3 years ago

Pinochet was, by far, the greatest leader Chile ever had…He had the balls to kick the communist’s butt like few have done in history. Everything that’s been said to this day about him is just NWO, lefty PROPAGANDA, a complete LIE, but who cares about the TRUTH in this shit of a world…

Expose Traitors shilling for COVID19
3 years ago

(((Varg’s))) irresponsible behavior knows no bounds. Now defending the cops who goes against antilockdown doctors.
EnNWJfzWEAA-WsP (599×599) (
Original video: German police arrests lockdown critic Dr. Andreas Noack in a shocking video – YouTube

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