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Pasajero del Toro
3 years ago

My suggestion: use tutanota encrypted email.

Joel Reid
3 years ago

Just 20 minutes in and I gotta say, I love Charles’ religious rants. And to that point, referring to yesterday’s show, you mentioned Matt Dillahunty. I’ve listened to him and his ilk. It didn’t take long to notice that the people trying to call out the ridiculousness/hypocracy/psychopathy/ignorance/superiority complexes of all these religious types COMPLETELY IGNORE the group that out right claims to be the Exclusively chosen people of the entity the atheists insist does not exist. Didn’t take long to figure out what that’s about. We’ve all heard,…”The greatest trick The Devil ever pulled, was to convince the World he didn’t exist.”……Nope,…..”The greatest trick The Devil ever pulled, was to convince the World he was God.”

Last edited 3 years ago by Joel Reid
3 years ago

Charles at his finest.

In Gratitude
3 years ago

Is it any wonder why our world is in its current state?

3 years ago

Charlie talks about the King David Hotel bombing, it is utterly savage to bomb the very people/country (i.e. British) who helped the Jews to secure Palestine from the Ottoman Empire in the first place. The Jews did not stop with this, it seems they tried to pin the blame on  Chief Secretary, Sir John Shaw in order to mollify the Irgun and fix responsibility for the carnage on Shaw.

3 years ago

I am willing to help pay for some kind of upgrade so that Charlie can have money to purchase tech than can improve his situation. Lets put funds in his PayPal. If you do send funds let others know by posting on shows so that other can be inspired. Charlies massage is important and I know you all share that feeling. Good Day to All! Stef N.Y.C..

3 years ago

The psycho Jehovah, is a disinformation agent

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