Blitz: Our Children Are Being Dragged Down by Disgusting Degenerates (7-3-19)

Kyle covers his recent article on the subject of “drag queen story time” and what this agenda is doing to children. He then looks into how what was happening in Weimar Germany was very similar until the National Socialists put a swift end to the jewish degeneracy.

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The Bull
Reply to  renegade
5 years ago

Oh, yes the dog shit eating stunt by Devine took place in one of John Water’s early movies. I hate to say it but I saw the movie when I was in art school.

Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

First homo’s, now trannies, and finally there will be child-raper acceptance. The jewish supremacists will make sure these mentally ill creatures inhabit every area of our lives. Only normal White people speaking out, can stop this filth progression parade.

PS Thanks Kyle. Sickening but vital info to get out. Make today of all days, the moment you truly become an independent Aryan, and start speaking out against our genocide. jews must be stopped!

5 years ago

Twist, turn, spin.

Mother of Child Drag Queen Complains Pedophile is Sexualizing Her Son:

Caisee Campbell
5 years ago

Good insights and history lesson! I remember learning about the tranny pedo story hour about it since it came out, and while there was already outrage online over it of course most the Jewish media act like it’s just all fun and games for kids and something to teach kids “acceptance” of everyone. The Jewish media obviously promotes the lgbt agenda with their TV show and movie propaganda, too. First with just those for and about adults, then those for and about teens (such as one called Degrassi, where eventually almost half of the main characters were LGBT, including ‘trans’ and ‘non-binary’ ones, and their storylines were almost all of them being victims of bullying and/or unrequited love), and now family or kids shows! I’m… Read more »

5 years ago

Thank you for playing the Ian Stewart song at the end. It’s one of my favorites and impossible to find online.

Stephen Yuill
4 years ago

Listened to this again on the 26th Kyle. Let me join with you for applauding what the National Socialists did to stamp out this degeneracy. It’s simply a tragedy how the ZOG world ganged up on Germany from the time Hitler was voted into power.

4 years ago

Jesus, We’ve got to stop these sick degenerates – NOW

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