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Robert Heimdal
4 years ago

No worries. The US government will give Americans the definitive solution for all this Murdering, Looting and Killing: Total Police State Control 1984. Commie system one way or another.
These mutherfucking morons from BLM and antifa redefine, once more, the meaning of the term “useful idiots”. These subhumans are worse than sheeple, they’re even easier to mind-control and steer. Never before low-IQ and criminal narrow-mindedness was more favourable to the (((elites))).

4 years ago

Video shows man spray graffiti outside Manhattan courthouse as NYPD cops watch

Mayor De Blasio Tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer That He Is Banning All Large Gatherings in NYC Except For Black Lives Matter Riots (VIDEO)

NYC Mayor paints ‘Black Lives Matter’ outside Trump Tower

4 years ago

Americans only care about shekels. Guess who prints and controls the MONEY.

4 years ago

This was really hard to listen to – all of these reports of violence/shootings out of Chicago and Atlanta, Minneapolis, etc. The ABC report with George S. and that Bottoms black female mayor took the cake – ALL of that violence they rattled off and there was NO MENTION of race at all, either victims or perpetrators. Notice how at least twice they just had to tie-in that some shootings took place within 3 miles of the Wendy’s where the PsyOp of Rayshard took place – THIS was the only time in which race was mentioned, when they had to “bring up” Rayshard again and remind us he was black and the police were white. I agree what Kyle said about black female mayor –… Read more »

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