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Bobby mcclelland 813
3 years ago

Christ cucks lol I love it when you say retarted Kyle nobody uses that word anymore. Trump is like Nero playing a fiddle while it all burns it kind of all mirrors ancient Rome all the pedo elite and thier bread and circuses . And it’s like the Soviet Union as well as Berlin before Hitler cleaned house. History really does repeat itself. I tell all my Trump tard friends you can vote for the lessor evil but I’m sick of evil let it fall there are more good people on this planet then bad we can fix it some how.

Reply to  Bobby mcclelland 813
3 years ago

We are stuck in the lower vibrational 3D loop becouse our thoughts are never change they stuck us in their primative mind control’s that’s why the history repeat itself it is not the ((( history ))) it is our thought form repeat itselfs we need to change our thoughts..

Reply to  Mımır
3 years ago

Hypothetically if the vast majority of the “we” “you” talk about took a bunch of guns & blew every single one of the relatively tiny number of “them” into oblivion would “we” still have a problem & would it be our “vibrational state” that determines if “we” still had a problem or not or the now lack of the problem-causing “them”?

3 years ago

I just wanted to thank you guys for everything you’re doing.
Much love to you all ! 🙂

Robert Heimdal
3 years ago

#12 Ben Shapiro, #20 Mossad… ‘Top 50 Zionist Digital Influencers of 2020’:

Thanks jews for “influencing” so much.

3 years ago

The Holodomor is the worst genocide ever committed, that and what these hook nosed crooks are currently committing towards whites everywhere… THAT is what should be at the forefront of education when it comes to history and atrocities against mankind.

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