Blitz: The Swastika Renaissance Among Trendy Teens (3-12-19)

Kyle speaks about how the White youth of America is rebelling against the jewish system that has stolen their future. He reads an article from the Forward about these trendy teens and then reads a few historical pieces regarding Germany’s National Socialist youth.

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5 years ago

Apparently these coins go back to what is now modern-day Pakistan. Bhimarjuna ancient swastika coin 210 AD. Why now are we forced to take a very old symbol (even depicted on American Indian artifacts) and slap a new meaning to it?

5 years ago

Love it Kyle, laughed along with you and your Jew accent.

Tabitha Wolfram
5 years ago

It’s promising to see the youth of today actually engaged in authentic rebellion.

5 years ago

Another excellent show, and uplifting to boot!
That is one of the gifts of youth – the inspiration they can bring!
Thanks for the readings at the end too.

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