Solar Storm: Opposing Semitic Subversion & Hebrew Hypocrisy (3-10-19)

Kyle talks for the first hour about the daylight savings scam, lyme disease, battered Trumptard syndrome, and other ongoing affairs. Kyle then flies solo to discuss the accusations of anti-semitism being hurled between the left and right, how White people are being targeted as the real threat, and Hebrew hypocrisy, EU content filters, and the ongoing program to genocide Whites.

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5 years ago

You guys work great together. The first hour was quite funny! I’ve recently been made aware of an acquaintance who has gone from being a beatiful young woman, to a “burner”. By burner I mean she has joined what others see as the cult of DPW (or, Department of Public Works for the Burning Herd, I mean Man). Over the years I watched her decline from afar, but a mutual acquaintance has just informed me of just how far down the tube she has gone. It’s very very sad. I did just a tiny bit of research and came up with some sick shit right off the bat, without even searching for anything nefarious! Burning Herd is primarily a white kid event, where DPW’s have… Read more »

Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Be careful of that drone tick, Kyle. That nano bot can kosher-dose-you with some nasty venom & lyme flavour. It wouldn’t surprise me if they had such tech. “We need to infect and smash all hateful “anti” bodies,” says the smirking jewish supremacist.

Talking of the (((saint))) effect, known amongst my fellow tards as Mandela: Why are they now calling it Daylight “Saving” Time without the s? A shill christardy channel (YT the open scroll), brought this one up. More confusion for the cattle, i guess. Can’t have them coming together and focusing on their genocide.

PS It’s a good job you are both young and vital to fend off ticks, old bats in sunglasses and the odd lost hour – go planto!

Tabitha Wolfram
5 years ago

The origins of the saggy pants look: Convicts prohibited from wearing belts often wore sagging prison issued uniforms, and they carried that look with them once they were back on the outside. Another story is that prisoners would wear their pants low to let other inmates know they were sexually available. According to this video “sagging is fagging.” Just another homo code like so many other things. It’s eye opening how many fashion “trends” are based on faggotry and created for trannies, such as the “choker” necklace to hide the Adam’s apple. Besides keto mouth and keto crotch, another side effect of the keto death diet is keto diarrhea from overconsumption of fats or keto constipation from all the meat/eggs/dairy. These tards are literally… Read more »

5 years ago

Our internal clock known as circadian rhythm wasn’t meant to be tinkered with.

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5 years ago

Vegan Camps? Seriously?

Reply to  TONY
5 years ago

Be afraid…be very afraid. The vegan police is coming for you.

5 years ago

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Kyle and Sinead love your wisdom and delivery. No bs check the PDF and MP3 out and then the website.

Reply to  Ekw
5 years ago

If this works, that’s great but I don’t think we should just put up with 5G. We need to say enough is enough. They won’t stop at 5G.

5 years ago

Just started listening here: you’re looking for suggestions for products. I have your magnesium butter (which I love and use daily!) Where I live it’s colder and the consistency is always solid. This made me wonder if this product could be made available in a solid form as a lotion bar?

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