Blitz: We Need to Keep The Kids Safe From Yids (8-13-20)

Kyle talks about Scott Wiener’s move to decriminalize pederasty in California, Faceberg banning any mention of jewish power, anti-White attacks and the jewdicial system, and heeb vaccine pushers.


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3 years ago

What is the name of that german intro song

Iron Leaf
Reply to  Earl
3 years ago
Ragnar Fan
3 years ago

Everything they have done in the past they are doing now. It has always been this way hence: “The eternal struggle”

3 years ago

This is one of the best videos I’ve seen in years. This guy is a true hero. The reaction of the sheeple store workers, especially the moron woman in the face shield, is the perfect antithesis of the hero. My gods, if 100,000 Americans stood up like this guy,.we could put an end to this ridiculous Cough 19 hoax in no time.

Reply to  Acoustic
3 years ago

The sheeple store workers are just trying to get their bills paid. This is just like the people who chew out the associates in front of Walmart for being told to wear a mask. Just picking on the easy victims. Why don’t they go down to the corporate office and do this?

Mortal Goyal
3 years ago

Exasperation…psyschological exhaustion

Thanks filthy jew maggots

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