Blitz: Witch Hunts Were a Gynocide Against Herbal Healers (1-14-20)

Thanks judeo-Christians for torturing massive amounts of European women and then sacrificing them to your god, Moloch. This was totally not “satanic” at all. Damn idiots. What they were really doing was taking out the competition to the early medical mafia, ruled over by the priestly patriarchy.

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Steve the bicyclist
4 years ago

Amazing stuff and it figures. They still do the same stuff today. That’s why everyone has to have “non medical advice” disclaimers! Just to provide a hint of self-doubt that the natural remedy is useless. People sure do love their parasites – I mean doctors! I hear lots of horror stories about sensible people – that claim to know better – going in for one thing and coming out with a list of other unrelated things. All bad. Then there’s the doctor hating chriSTAINS that trust over the counter pills. And ignore their yard plants! Muh god pills! I’ve been studying that “Salubrious_Living” book and they sure make health seem easy! – If you can escape the years of food and medical propaganda… I guess… Read more »

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