Solar Storm: MLK’s Dream, Our Nightmare (1-19-20)

Kyle talks about how MLK Jr (Moloch Jr) was a subversive agent of the jews who is honored as a saint now, despite his many misdeeds. He then gets into the pro-gun demonstration planned for Virginia on MLK Day.

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4 years ago

I’m not seeing an audio link

Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

Never mind the bull lochs, what about U.S zog’s latest killing vessel named after Sinead’s 66yr old, holohoax-surviving, Tribeca penthouse-living, jewess character?

Yes, the “USS Doris Miller” will now protect the greater (((world))) project. Named after a 22yr old black man who was the only sailor to act brave, that false flag day. “Free at last,” to die for jews….again!

Hands up – don’t shoot! Pants up – don’t loot! Time’s up – jew dupe!

PS Timely advice, Kyle. It’s a “rat trap, Judy,” so don’t get caught.

4 years ago

Tommy tactical strikes again. Not surprising that the cuck rally went on without a hitch. The only ones who were allowed to show up were…. cucks. They got to dress up in their cool camos, carry their tricked-out rifles, talk tough consteetoosheon talk -in turn of course for disavowing ‘white supremacy’ – and get penned in like overfed turkeys awaiting slaughter. Their ‘representatives’ consider them as nothing more than mere nuisances. This is the same bunch of rootless deracinated shit-talkers that have been whining about ‘freedumb’ and government overreach since Clinton. When the going gets serious they’ll hide again just like they’ve been doing while their confederate statues get torn down. Christ-insanity, bread-and-circuses plus a superficial sense of identity have made those fools completely useless.… Read more »

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