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4 years ago

In 6th grade I had a social studies teacher always saying how good communism was so I took her a life magazine with full color pictures of people tied laying on the floor in their own feces and a field of bones. My first self thought lesson on the subject of communism it was photos smuggled out of Cambodia. They let that monster live out his life in the jungle. My teacher was so pissed she asked me to teach the class and really tried ridicule me. That was 1975 and I will never forget the name pol pot. Sad that I still hear people say how communism looks good on paper .the God Damm paper I seen looked fucked up to me

Reply to  Bobbym
4 years ago

((( they ))) are payed actors with their multicultural educational funded ((( school ))) system

4 years ago
A Lenin statue unveiled in Gelsenkirchen Germany. ( June 2020 )

Таке a look at this jewish shit !

Bobby Ruud
4 years ago

Trotsky was another Zionist wicked Jew who tortured and massacred anyone who wanted to worship the Lord. Community living is cool but the Jewish style communism is the elites live like kings and the rest of society is all the same. AshkeNazis love having no competition to their power and blood lust. Read about the “chekka” and how they had to satisfy the Hasidic Rabbis with more heinous torture techniques. 1 was called “removing the glove” and now these AshkeNazis Russian So called Jews are in Mossad and in the elite clubs of the U.S. very few of their crimes are reported by Corp media but recently we hear about Weinstein and Epstein and Dershowitz. Who invented NAMBLA? Who produces the most disgusting porn? Who… Read more »

4 years ago

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3 years ago

You’re right. The situation with these Reds is very serious. These people murder their opposition when they come to power. Not sometimes, always. We will be at the top of the list.

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