Truth Hertz: An Old Plague in the New World (6-23-20)

Charles talks about our current situation with the plandemic, then talks about how when the Old Testament Pilgrims came to the New World the villages were empty due to a previous plague, while also taking a number of callers.

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4 years ago

How refreshing to hear Urban Jungle Girl.

johan vikström
Reply to  Acoustic
4 years ago

Exactly. I’d like to hear her thoughts and voice more.

4 years ago

Once again Brian lets the air out of the sails what a horrible caller and yet he’s good buddies with Charlie drop him like a hot stove please

Reply to  McBride
4 years ago

Pretty sure the vast majority around here agree McBride. That guy has established himself as one of the saddest callers into any Renegade show ever with his persistent pathetic mention of “censors” on nearly every show. He could’ve just taken the criticism like a man but instead now he just sounds exactly like jews constantly whining that everybody picks on them for no reason & pushing it in your face every time they open their disgusting mouths. Poor Brian, he dindu nuffin & now everyone just picks on him all the time for absolutely no reason at all, aaaaaaaawwwwww…

comment image

Reply to  McBride
4 years ago

Awwww damn. After reading this comment I’m not sure if I even want to bother. Brian is the reason I fell away from listening to Charlie as religiously as I’d been doing for several years. Many times I’d fast forward & be horrified to find the guy still talking. Brian comes off as more knowledgeable than the host & patronizes & nudges like a parent with a child.
Who in the hell is this guy, anyway? Does he live in Canada or something?

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