Chris H, Rollie Quaid: The Hammer of ZOG (4-3-18)

Rollie Quaid joined Chris to discuss how people easily become dogmatic in their thinking, and how the Jews and Rothschilds control money and the media. Also the degenerate nature of jews and how virtually everyone is an agent of the system atleast in how they think, their actions, general attitude and unquestioning nature. Also surviving in this world and attempting to work towards and for the truth.
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Danny Torrance
6 years ago

I had a broader spectrum of emotions watching this protest unfold then I have in many years or maybe ever. The complete shock I was in, I had to pinch myself to see if I was alive then the immense sadness and feeling of helplessness set it. I watched these IDF cowards in camouflage hiding behind a hill SNIPING innocents that just want them to leave and reclaim THEIR home land. As the body count stacked up, I don’t think I’ve been this angry about an issue that wasn’t affecting our people directly, they feel like they’re almost family considering the atrocities they face at the hands of our mutual enemy. The worse part was after it was over and watching what the mainstream media… Read more »

6 years ago

Hitler only held Rothschild on random payments in 1938 as a result of him struggling for money during the late 30s, following his fiscal policies in rearmament. In the months following, Hjalmar Schacht who had recovered Germany’s economy in 1924, then again in the early 1930s called Hitler out for his influences which caused the income of the German worker to suffer, and he was fired in 1939. Hitler as Schacht often stated was a terrible economist. (see, “The Magic of Money” by Schacht and, “The Wages of Destruction” by Tooze). With Schacht fired, Hitler ran the German economy into the ground, yet he himself could produce “economic miracles”? *without Hitler running out of money waging for war, would Rothschild have ever been held in… Read more »

6 years ago

Thank you Chris and Rollie. Important show, especially that you included your own processes in those last few minutes, lamenting the challenges of work without just compensation. That is sadly the cost of most earnest activism. I call activism the gift that keeps on taking. There’s hardly even anyone there to pat you on the back and say “good job,” let along hand you a pay check. In a better world, all decent journalism and reporting would be salaried. But we know we are under the yoke, so injustice prevails. Not coincidental that the very thing you seek to expose is the same entity that blocks your advancement and success, for those who tell the truth are rarely given a paying platform. So, that said,… Read more »

Chris H
Reply to  Liz
6 years ago

Thanks Liz for appreciating.

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