Arcane Semantics: Willem Felderhof – Aerotoxic Syndrome, Geoengineering & Immigration Invasion (4-2-18)

This airing we have Willem Felderhof joining us. Willem is a former commercial airline pilot and whistleblower on the presence of toxic elements in aviation generally known as the “Aerotoxic Syndrome”. Willem is also the organizer of the Open Mind Conferences in the Netherlands. The parasitic influences that control and manipulate humanity by relentless social engineering can only be battled from a higher state of consciousness and through raising our collective level of awareness. We discuss the Aerotoxic Syndrome, Geoengineering, Jewish Control, Immigration Invasion of Europoid Countries and a number of other relevant topics. We additionally take a call from Ben in Denmark during the second hour.

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6 years ago

Interesting hearing a pilot talk about Monsatan’s aero toxic syndrome and getting it both ways with geoengineering. Pilots all over the world getting sick, well they could be a force to be reckoned with if mobilized. I think we’re going to see more of these kinds of diseases with amped up EMF’s. and wifi. I’ve dealt with electromag-senstitivity, so I may be in that percent he’s talking about, and.maybe it’s race based, makes you wonder.

6 years ago

Very interesting show from start to finish. The last half was riveting. I’m disappointed there’s not more comments or discussion but great work Richard!

6 years ago

Very interesting episode. I got left more curious to hear more about Mr. Felderhof’s experiences as pilot, regarding the war-time experiences for example.
The “critical” style conversation with one caller regarding the proof of the chemical agents in the air was a refreshing style of sharing information. Instead of listing evidence, it was question and answer-style.

its important to have the facts presentable and presented clearly since there are many nonsensical “theories” without any backing out there

Thanks for arranging this interview Mr. Karolkiewicz

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