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7 years ago

Sad that there was no record available beginning with the call acceptance from Batman. I so appreciated the readings and commentary from Nick, and perhaps since there is no longer a person to help with the audio engineering, there need not be callers, although the first caller was great. Nick is certainly enough, and hope he feels better soon.

Reply to  renegade
7 years ago

Oh, I certainly will try again but so far there is no sound on any of my laptops, and the words, no file is found, or something like that came up. I meant no offense, but only to try to be positive and helpful. Have a great day.

7 years ago

The first laws the Jews pass before the murder sprees is any criticism of there crimes. They were always going to use US for global Marxist rule and then butcher us. Every thing is in place including death squads and murder profiles on who to kill who will look the other way at 2am roundup and who will kill n rape with glee (degenerates are there first co conspirators).

The world will cheer our downfall and embrace the communist Chinese “way to riches”. To few stand the rest only scream out in shock and disbelief at the murder hole “why me? What did I do?”

Nothing the corporation has a quota… It’s you or me….

Reply to  Cobra
7 years ago

A good documentary that covers the total awareness grid they perfected on the Palestinians and brought to the U.S. Is “The Law in These Parts”

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