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Tom Cahill
7 years ago

Charley doesn’t read these, but I have to say he’s been badly rambling the last fortnight; not making any proper points and continuing to winge about him being treated badly about the church. I skip through the very loud and irritating breaks and start and end parts on these uploads, but with skipping the moaning about church parts, I didn’t find one single part where he actually spoke about the Kaballa. This is the technically the worst show ever and also this has been the worst week and probably of shows in this last fortnight ever for him. He was also entertaining kiss arses, who keep telling him they’re looking forward to his new “book” and they just go on about absolutely nothing. He was… Read more »

Agnes Graffelstrungen
Reply to  Tom Cahill
7 years ago

Your comment itself was just one big ramble complaining about the show. Why do you feel the need to just tell us in this rambling fashion what you didn’t like about the shows? If you find them so bad why are you even listening to them? Are you some kind of weird masochist whose life is utterly boring that you feel the need to put yourself through this & then tell us about your experience? Seriously, get a life dude & go do something more productive with your time because this pursuit of yours is so utterly sad & pathetic!!! It’s really this simple to someone with common sense – don’t like = don’t listen!

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