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8 years ago

We can pretty much look at it, as though it was Nick that realised the CNP more so than others ever did. Reeves, among others never gave credit where it was due and although it is not everything, I think credit should at least be given when it comes to the hard work, that people such as Nick had to silently do, whilst Reeves received all the sheckles.

Had a listen to one of Reeves latest shows and he’s still begging for sheckles like his life depended on it. It’s sad.

Reply to  surplus
8 years ago

Yeah it’s very sad and disappointing because I do like free thinkers and independant researchers like Reeves. Though I completely disagree with some of his conclusions and find him to stretch things to fit conspiracies and narratives he likes to push. He did take most of the CNP research from Barbara Aho and has given her very little credit partly due to her being a seriously hardcore uncompromising Christian.

8 years ago

I’m sixty years old and I remember the new right of the seventies and eighties. I consider your show a good review of these times. I especially like your take on Roger Stone and the Trump phenomena. It’s interesting to learn that most of these men were Freemasons. I thought this was the case.

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