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8 years ago

I love how you’re exposing the fraud of christianity. I was raised in the Presbyterian church, had my years of ‘backsliding’ then got ‘born again’ and lived that lie for the next 20 years bringing my children up in it until the scales fell from my eyes a few years ago shortly after my 50th birthday. Don’t be too hard on yourself for ‘taking so long.’ My family all tell themselves I’m going through midlife crisis. I too am very angry about this toxic, destructive fraud that has deceived me and my children. It’s like the blob. It just keeps growing and spreading. I’d like to make one suggestion: what you have to say is very powerful and could be very useful in prying churchtards… Read more »

Reply to  Jmcaul
8 years ago

I like Charlie’s style. Let it roll. Everybody should be furious as hell about this crapola and not hold back one bit from expressing all the anger and rage that a fraud engenders. I never cease to be amazed how people can get so upset by a few choice words. The fuck-tard YHWH can destroy the whole world because his knickers are in a twist, but Charles can’t utter a few choice words about that “god damn book”? Oh, come on, god-damnit! 🙂

Reply to  Oh_my.....
8 years ago

I agree whole heartedly with the emotion he expressed. My point is, sometimes his voice is dripping with SO much sarcasm that the targeted audience (churchtards) will easily be led to discount what he’s saying. Trust me. I know how these people think!! It’s my personal feeling that his message will more easily penetrate their defenses if delivered a little less emotionally. The language will be difficult enough for them (though I don’t think he should change that.) it’s his voice inflections that I feel would be too much for them to process. That was one of Christopher Hitchens strengths. He was objective, dispassionate and as a result, hard hitting. Cheers.

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