Circus Maximus: Lee Rogers & Dennis Fetcho (4-8-16)


Nick Spero speaks to Lee Rogers for the first two hours about Lee’s evolution, his view on current events, and his approach to raising awareness. For the third hour Nick speaks to Dennis Fetcho about how his old nemesis Weev hacked printers around America.

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8 years ago

You are a bloody great guy. Maximus. I don’t know you, I haven’t even heard your show yet, but I know you are great because we move in the same circles doing the same thing. I’ve been praising the work of Henry Mckow for years too since “Planned Pedophilia UN Style”, and I trolled the Commie Red Gruad with APAC Jewess nigger lover “Le Anne Mc Boobies”at infowhores dot com too with links to the old VGB (Victims of Gay Bullying) post about his research and others. My trolling is even featured on the Jones Town Massacre Channel ^^ See the Maximus in Action ^^ Just like the Weev who did the daily stormer postscript printer hack 🙂 I actually know how to do… Read more »

8 years ago Tech details of Weev’s hack. P.S. Shit i did comment spam and cut and paste the wrong attempted comment, my bad. Don’t approve the earlier one. Only approve this comment! Holy shit^ The stupid universities left unsecured port 9100 access open to their jet direct compatible corporate printers. They were probably running on a Microsoft Network that can’t doesn’t want to use secured IPP. All those universities had incompetent network administrators, and the lot of them need to go. Weev could have emptied all the paper on all the printer trays – instead of just print a few pages. If he didn’t do that he did the Universities a favor in my opinion by saying – hey – you are incompetent fix your security… Read more »

8 years ago

delete my duplicate comments. i fucked up. Beginners luck I won’t do again.
The one that starts ibtimes ones stays and the rest can go.
Maybe keep the anonymous video if you want.

8 years ago

One thing we can do to make subversion harder is sticking to a clear message. Using clear language such as “race”, “white” and “jew”.
Controlled opposition allways likes to use words in the proximity of that, but with room for interpretation. That way, once they start redirecting their followers, they dont have to contradict themselfes.
“Alternative Right” is such a vague term that anyone can go anywhere with without contradicting himself because it has zero inherent meaning.
“Western civilization”, “Muslim”, “illegal immigrant” are also such words that because they have no racial meaning, are red flags to me.

Also i think paypal is problematic in general.
Renegade should look into accepting bitcoin donations.

8 years ago

You know its strange how after NYF made the trigger printer plans to do propaganda at colleges now the jews are trying to get ahead of the game by repression of free speech and press at colleges now.

Angela Johannes Gage.
8 years ago

Hey Nick, I just wanted to inform you that Resurgence Media does NOT require anyone to give their Social Security Number. And the company was called Payza and Resurgence does NOT use Payza any longer. So that was actually Payza who was asking for the Social Security Number NOT Resurgence Media.

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