Circus Maximus: Ole Dammegård – Operation Gladio Then & Now (8-12-16)


Ole Dammegård and Nick discuss the history of Operation Gladio and how Gladio has evolved, False Flags, Staged Events, Assassinations, Crisis Actors, trauma based mind control through the use of fear porn in the media.

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7 years ago

Carter wasn’t totally controlled by kikejews and kikejewed. He nearly took down the CIA ‘cowboys’ as explained by E. Michael Jones; audio and study guide here:

Hail Victory!

7 years ago

For the attention of Drew:

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Handy

7 years ago

wow………..nick your guest ole sums all these events up so very well, this is a must listen for those questioning all these events.

7 years ago

ole, can we lovingly remove (((them))) with force? i ask as i dont believe (((they))) will just hand over power peacefully.

Reply to  jewbanker
7 years ago

There is positively NO WAY the kikes and the shabbot goy will give this up peacefully. Ole is projecting too much of his own desires onto the outcome he would like to see. These people have worked for generations, mentally trained for the same amount of time, to rule over the rest of us. The sadistic behavior they engage in along with the mass murder are other examples of why it is entirely unrealistic to think a peaceful solution will be had.

It really is us or them. Plan and act accordingly.

Reply to  jewbanker
7 years ago

Don’t get me wrong the guest was awesome. But to think that after planning and executing this for tens of thousands of years, to then near the end come out from the dust hands up for a peace offer is insane. There is no way they will ever be able to compensate nor be forgiven for all the suffering and death they have caused, not to mention that if you go as far as to take the World, then you are All-In to the end. Are they going to apologise for all the massacres and torment they have inflicted on the world and expect a shrug and handshake from us? As if their evil is in some way even possible to be reconciled and allowed.… Read more »

Karen in E Tenn
7 years ago

Good show Nick. However I cannot agree with your guests final comments. They have a fervent religious belief that they have the right to rule over us bestowed on them by god. They will never make peace with us.

7 years ago

Very important show, Thanks!

7 years ago

Great and inspiring conversation – his voice is so easy to listen to, and reassuring somehow.
I wonder if Ole has heard about Zen Gardner being exposed, as he has had interviews with him. Zen G was part of a paedo cult for 27 years, and head of their media management. Same cult that River Phoenix and other celebs came out of, poss. intel op.

7 years ago

Ole Dammegard is an outstanding researcher. The last 2 Minutes of the broadcast are very important and I respect Ole’s insight.

It is my belief that one of the reasons we find ourselves in this predicament and have done so for a very long time, is our unwillingness to except that ‘ Good & Evil ‘ both operate from beyond the chessboard of ordinary black and white duality. These people are beyond reproach……

7 years ago

accept…..of course 🙂

5 years ago

[…] utvecklar sin tvekan till om attacken i Nice var äkta i en utmärkt och hörvärd intervju på Renegade Broadcastning. Han diskuterar där den fabricerade terrorismen i allmänhet men går också in på enskilda dåd, […]

3 years ago

John Lennon was not killed. It was a gun control psyop and a promotion for the psychiatric industry. He is now Mark Staycer. Chapman was CIA. I think Robert Kennedy was also a psyop. He wasn’t shot. Why would they let a Vietnmese busboy attend Kennedy for a photo op? Reagan’s assassination attempt was also staged. No one was shot. Brady may have later had a stroke which they used to their advantage

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