Circus Maximus: Political Plots for a Fearsome Future (4-21-17)

Nick starts off talking about Operation Gotham Shield, power outages, threats to the grid, and then gets into some of the recent developments in the geopolitical power play and how it ties into groups like the Gatestone Institute, Cambridge Analytica, the Mercers, counter-jihadists, Breitbart, Israeli tech companies and more.

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John SmithRGB
7 years ago

great show brother

7 years ago

Yep. On brown-outs: “We talked also of America. As I was to notice many times, the hatred of the Communists for the United States was of a deadly bitterness which exceeded their hatred for anything else. Ana Pauker, like other Communists with whom I talked, was specific about their plans in regard to this country. Actually I was not so much impressed at the time as I have been since I came to the United States, for my own knowledge of conditions here was relatively slight. It is only now that I begin to appreciate the careful and detailed information and appraisals with which the Communists were so familiar. Since at the time Romanians still thought of this country as a powerful rescuer who might… Read more »

7 years ago

Don’t forget the Kagans .. In the section of this series we will be taking a look at the Deep State .. the So Called Think Tanks .. Basically all run but Ashkenazi Jews .. Making their money on the Military Industrial Complex .. Means War and more War.

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7 years ago

Great show Nick

Rhys Vegan
6 years ago

It’s March 22, the beginning of “the season of sacrifice”. Jewish Kabbalists love to do false flags around this time.

Rhys Vegan
Reply to  Rhys Vegan
6 years ago

Sorry I posted in the wrong page

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