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Shabby Goy
7 years ago

Who,s that music during the break?

Thors Disciple
7 years ago

Great Show Nick and Rainer. Just as Hollywood, the whole garment industry is dominated by jews as you well pointed out. I don’t think most folks realize the monopoly they have over every industry and their close ties with Chinese (as well as central america) manufacturing for all of his cheap product.
Goddang jews everywhichwhere

Ron Vibbentrop
7 years ago

I would suggest that a key figure in the British scene of the 1960s and 1970s would be Marc Bolan (born Marc Feld in London to an Ashkenazi father). Bolan was a known ‘face’ in the Mod movement and became a member of John’s Children, a mod band which later flirted with the burgeoning psychedelic scene. When they split, Bolan formed the acoustic duo Tyrannosaurus Rex who became celebrated on the hippy festival and club scene. When the 70s arrived, the self-serving chameleon Bolan (who then alienated many of his former ‘underground’ supporters such as the DJ John Peel) started the ful blown electric band T Rex and pioneered glam rock with all its cross-dressing trappings and with great chart-topping success. Later Bolan had a… Read more »

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