Renegade Roundtable: Kyle Hosts (10-8-16)


Kyle hosts the show and takes calls from Jeb, John McKraken, John from Canada, chris dorsey, and John from Florida. Topics include: weather warfare and Hurricane Matthew, World War 3 and the nuclear threat, elite sex slaves and Donald Trump, solutions to our problems, and more. Music list  

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7 years ago

i saw a trail in the sky one day and went to get my binoculars to look at the plane in front of it, when i came back to look at it, it briefly stopped, then started, then stopped then started again leaving a little dot in the continuous line right above my house, now can a contrail do that??????? haarp weather control in laymans terms, a massive multi billion watt microwave oven beaming heat into the atmosphere. making skekels on (((disaster derivatives)))

Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Great show all. I do think our jew-govs are messing with the weather. It’s their sheepdog to control us cattle. Floods, droughts, killings and mass movement of non-white people, all at the pluck of the jewish haarp. Cat-astrophic day for Trump? Nah, he’s feline great! All planned jewish theatre. Money, more fame and he’s still in with his jew-crowd rulers. Is he the fall-guy to Clintons straight? (Ha ha). If she’s selected, it’s goodbye guns and Syria, hello race and gender wars. Don’t waste your time folks. PS We have Shaun holding his keyboard and beers above his head, standing in 4ft of sewage water, there in the alpines. Kyle in the sweatbox, bringing us inspiration and reason from battered Florida. And brave and protective… Read more »

7 years ago

that was a great show men, im wondering if a formal political structure is needed to take the next step of dissent similar to that of the Irish Republican Army or if that would just play into the jews hand? im well aware of mi5 and mi6 involvement in that organization but it did seem to capture the spirit of the irish peoples struggle for independence.

Sir Algernon Farnsworth
7 years ago

How anyone who either has a daughter or respects woman can vote for this guy is beyond me. Trump is a disgusting misogynist. I hope this bottom feeder loses the election.
I heard Duke refer to woman on his latest show with Anglin (as guest), as ‘fat pigs’ or ‘disgusting pigs’ (along that line). It was quite shocking as he just insulted many of his constituency, as many Americans are obese, whether it be legitimate or not (older ladies and hormones etc).
Many of these alt-righters seem to really hate woman.

7 years ago

Found this a comment to ROBERTS video: “Female suffrage in particular has been devastating to our societies. Out of all the evil schemes the Jews have conjured up, feminiism is probably the worst of all. A society that cannot control its women is doomed to fail. Say what you like about the Muslims, but at least we’ve got something to learn from them in that respect. Old-school Christianity actually shares pretty much the same views on gender relations and totally rejects “gender equality”. We need to return to strict patriarchy and end female suffrage. Without that, I don’t think we’ll succeed. Any victory we score will be pyrrhic has emancipated women always stand ready to undermine it and stab us in the back, at the… Read more »

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