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10 years ago

Great show Tom, I would love to hear more from you!!!

10 years ago

This was a great show…

I kind of just have a quick thing to say…no long post here…

What Tom talked about needs to be repeated as much as possible…We have to apply the Horus technique to many many things we know about the Jewry…

Second…I am not done listening to the show but the first two callers were great…For two guys who didn’t plan on making any comments, don’t sell yourself short…You guys have been great to listen to…Normal guys who know their shit and it was great to hear from you guys…

A very real conversation and very normal…

10 years ago

great show, great insight, renegade did a good job recruiting you for shows, dd listen to a lot of your shows on jon friend, happy to see you on here getting a larger audience

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