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11 years ago

Great show! Enlightening. Thanks David.

11 years ago


11 years ago

Washington in the pose of the Baphomet really makes an impression doesn’t it?

John Sholtes
11 years ago

Finally not relying on Mami’s shithole to hear your shows. They even finally got to Dienna Spingola putting on Catholic Rodney Martin who after describing all the traitgorous activities of the clergy in Germany and how Germans have abandoned Christianity went on to say Germans have to get back to their Christian roots. Deanna never mentioned Christianity ever before but now she too got infested with christian filth.

John Sholtes
Reply to  John Sholtes
11 years ago

Try to put up the description on joyofsatan about the real origins of the Freemasons. How the Rothchilds infested and judaized it. There are so many people trying to tie Geroge Washington into the present day jew infested Masonic Order it needs to be explained so people will stop devilizing George Washington.

11 years ago

Curious to know why you kicked off this show with Om Namah Shivaya sung by Krishna Das aka Jeffrey Kagel. Are you planning a show on the Judaising of Hinduism?

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