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10 years ago

Great show. It was refreshing to hear Sinead’s voice.
Hey, I wish some of you living in Ct. would give me a hollar. It sucks not being able to talk to people with like minds. I’m stuck here in obamaland. Looking to get out of here.

10 years ago

Seems like the show ended a little too soon. lol

@toubles If you looking to get out your part of town, and somehow end up in Idaho then you’ve got someone to talk to up here.

10 years ago

I thought I’d be able to stay on but Blogtalk dropped me at the two hour mark.
Couple thoughts…

Sinead’s comments were right on about appealing to women through their natural powers and instincts, like menstruation, child birthing and raising healthy families. This goes for men as well.
And one way to appeal to our poor white working class friends may be to simply ask them “Aren’t you sick of being poor? Sick of feeling like your life is wasted just treading water to stay afloat?” Solutions will come if we are able to break out of the Judaized mindset that has taken over so many aspects of life.

Great fast paced discussion, it was an honor and a pleasure to participate.

10 years ago

For once the show was not a “sausage fest” or “helmet party”! 8′)

10 years ago

Women are always going to desire a man who is willing to defend both himself and her, especially the latter. This is nature. While Sinead mentions how she’d like the ring the neck of her harassers, the truth of the matter is that she’d very well likely be overpowered, as it usually goes that even the weaker of males can overpower a relatively strong woman. I wish that weren’t the case, but it is, and it is one of many reasons why I am a supporter of the right to bare arms, so that both weak men, and every woman, are capable of defending themselves on an equal footing. But no amount of feminism, or how much men are emasculated, will ever change the obvious… Read more »

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