Dinosaur News: A Blast From the Past (4-6-16)


John Beattie shares more on meeting with Commander Rockwell on the middle of Queenston-Lewiston Bridge above Niagara Gorge. Then he moves onto his visit with Dr. Pierce, his friendship with John Tyndall, and a number of other interesting stories from the old days of the struggle.

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8 years ago

Another informative and entertaining program, John. Thank you. Too little is know about the Commander Rockwell. Thank you for filling in the missing history. I wish there were more information and material available from/about this Aryan hero. It’s a tragedy The Commander was assassinated by one of his former members. Sour grapes? I really doubt that would be a reason too murder someone. GLR’s death was just too convenient for the ‘system’. Patsy? Knowing what we know about ZOG and all its treachery, it wouldn’t surprise me. Here’s what Dr. Pierce says about this tragic event: “About June of the next year, 1967, Rockwell drove out of the headquarters to run an errand. As usual he was accompanied by somebody when he went out. That… Read more »

8 years ago

Excellent program! This sort of program creates the living bridge between the various highs and lows of the movement that would otherwise be completely forgotten or rewritten. Mr. Beattie, I have made it a point to recommend to all on our side to introduce daily supplements and routines for our health so tht we can live longer and healthier to continue the fight. It was a cancer surviver and fellow professional scientific (non-jew’d mind you) researcher who introduced me to the life changing “liposomal vitamin C”. I will have to do a write up on it when my health permits. It is the closest thing to the fountain of youth. It can help your memory, as it has mine. We desparately need people like you… Read more »

Reply to  Hermit
8 years ago

Thank you Hermit. Will study your message in depth.

8 years ago

Great addition to the group sir. Got a dream team going on here covering most corners!

Reply to  Skylgaryr
8 years ago

Thanks for the most encouraging welcome Skylgaryr .

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