Dinosaur News: Joyster’s Action Plan & White World Review (10-12-16)


For the first hour Joyster tells Beattie Boy about what she has planned in terms of activism and encourages others to take part. In the second hour John does news and views, telling us his thoughts about what’s happening in the White world. Music list

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7 years ago

faceberg seems to not want me to connect to your site 🙁 can anyone else load it?

Reply to  John Beattie
7 years ago

Once at bpl, F link at top should work.

Reply to  John Beattie
7 years ago

i tried that, even tried typing address direct, nothing would work for me

Reply to  jewbanker
7 years ago

I just tried it, and it worked for me. Could it be blocked down in Austraila? Being in the Commonwealth and all…

Thanks, John! Looking forward to check out your site. And good shows from you and Joyster.

Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Great show BB and Joyster! I like both of your views on the need for passion and action.

Good point about turning their words around and the use of decoys John.

Here in the UK we’re still getting 100’s coming across every week. Two lorry-loads last week, banging from the inside of freezer units. Also, we’re taking the children (grown up boys no doubt) from Calais camp.

Not sure if this helps you Joyster: http://www.islamawareness.net/Shariah/sh_article003.html
Also, Sinead has just started going through the TPOTLEOZ (spit!!) just today on her Goyim Goddess YT channel.


PS Only dindus do diddly – become a PAL! Propaganda – Activism – Ludu

Hydration Specialist
3 years ago

can I get a copy of the flyer of questions that is being distributed?. I also heard around 13:30 of the broadcast that the Facebook viewer needs to get off their butt and actually do something. Before someone can take a position, they need to learn about the truth, what has happened, why it happened, and why it’s still happening. Knowledge is power and in order to learn, one has to know the proper sources. So could anyone please recommend some good sources to study?

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