Truth Hertz: Yahweh’s War Against Goodness, Nature & Critical Thinking (10-13-16)


Charles continues his discussion of the extremism of Yahweh, and how everything good and natural is beaten down in this world. You better check your brain at the door when dealing with the Bible. Lots of calls are taken. Music list

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Am Not
7 years ago

I love to hear Charlie blaspheme the sick fuck Yahweh, god of the filthy jew.

7 years ago

really been enjoying your show lately Charles. I have to say that you are an acquired taste that i’ve slowly warmed up to. “they” really do pass their sins onto the goyim: gulags in russia blamed on germany, establishment of the slave trade blamed on the american whites, etc… there is a nagging voice that won’t leave me alone, though. what if “they” are right and yahweh really does rule this world?

Marduks Swastika
Reply to  Jason
7 years ago

yahweh in real mean = eviha = Jahwe or Yahweh “Der Ewige” ( a description ) is like Jesus and all other wrong names they use.
Example .. a man or woman is good at healing .. all told: he the healer / she the healer – all knew what meaning. but no one know the real name.

Reply to  Jason
7 years ago

Jason, this answers your question:

7 years ago

I forgot two other big transference of sins which just came to mind: organized crime (gansterism) onto Catholics and of course the biggest of them all, the wtc attack onto the arabs.

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