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Jorge A. Gracia
10 years ago

Glad you back Dana, cheers.

10 years ago

Good to listen to you again Dana!

And a Frank’s call right on the beggining of the show, great!

BTW, where’s Siegfried?

Reply to  Jackportge
10 years ago

I don’t want to push christinsanity, but isn’t there a saying about a prophet being put down first and foremost in his own house?
You’re not the only one having that kind of problem, Dana!
You got have some guts to come out public as you and others do. You risk a lot.

Jeb, for someone who is not supposed to have the gift of word you’re one hell of a good speaker, i think you expressed your ideas perfectly and took over the show without hesitation when Dana was being muted.

10 years ago

Glad to hear you Dana. You really have my respect for working as openly as you do whilst living with your parents. Might be a factor in my life soon… you’ll have to give me some advice. That whole thing with Martin was obviously planned months in advance. I noted how many hints Rodney dropped during that show that a ‘Renegade Host’ would be calling in, possibly implying Sieg who likely had no prior knowledge of the whole thing(which gave weight to Mike’s later saying that yourself and Sieg were on his side.) Besides that was the first time I’ve heard Mike sober, that has to have been planned at least a few days in advance. I do suspect someone else who disappeared from the… Read more »

Alexander (from Flanders)
10 years ago

Dana has returned!

Mr Rogers
10 years ago

The prodigal son has returned! Welcome back son 😉 Will listen to the show tomorrow when I finally have some time.

10 years ago

It’s very inspiring to see Dana back here at Renegade. I always knew Dana was a “keeper”. Awesome show brother. The globalist Jews better watch out – Dana’s back in town 😉

10 years ago

Great to her from you General! Welcome back brother! I too was fed up of fighting and took a break from listening,but now that the fire has calmed everything is going good again! You are back,jack pack with Brian coming back is great as well! I also had problems with my family years ago. It was not about nationalism,since my family is nationalist for generations,but my problem started when Charles Giuliany started speaking trough me about christianity!LOL My family is typical Serbian orthodox,totaly against race mixing but very christian. I decided not to talk about religion with them any more but racial stuf they accept and agree. We agreed to keep religion to our self and not bother each other with it and it goes… Read more »

10 years ago

Lol,Nick hijacked the show!!Lol ,great!!

10 years ago

Jeb hosting the roundtable. I haven’t listened to it but I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one thinking to myself ‘that guy really needs more time on air.’ You and your kids are always a breath of fresh air man. 🙂 You could do some real inspirational shows just talking about how you educate your children and such.

10 years ago

Thanks to everybody for listening, writing and calling. Really needed the support.

Serb: I have often thought about how hard its going to be to sever Christianity from our race, especially in the cultures where it is still strongest, like the orthodox. it is the same with the greeks, russians, etc. not an easy one at all – try to avoid conflict. wise words

Kevin, i know i’ve promised this many times but we will get together soon, i promise, we live in the same state. i’m sorry for not being reliable when you reached out. hit me an email or something

10 years ago

Glad to see that you made it back Dana. I used to listen to you since your Truthmilitia days. Those were some wild times. Things change, however our duty to our people remains firm even through tough times. The only time I had an exchange with you was when I thought you were soft on race-mixing, but u proved to be a good soldier for our people over time, so you have my respect.

10 years ago

I really respect how the show went when Dana disappeared at times. Callers took the lead and the entire show was well done thereby. Heads off for your strength and maintaining who you are. Family shunning can get to you…This is the general experience my grandparents’ generation went through after 1945, when the worst thing you could have possibly done was supporting Reich and Führer. But they were the real historical National Socialists. Their own marxist brainwashed hippie children shunned them. Good to have you back, General.

10 years ago

Hello Dana,

I am still wondering why you did not participate in the White Man March, especially since you don’t conceal your real identity. Please address this in your next show.

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