Insights from an Observer 6-5-14

Higher, Faster, Stronger, Greater, Better

Tonight, join an Observer as we discuss eugenics, dysgenics, and the constant striving for self-imporvement. This cover improvement spiritually, mentally, physically, psychologically, and racially. As always, your calls are welcomed and encouraged.

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9 years ago

To really understand how much change one generation of mixing can make, just compare African ‘Americans’ to Africans. Thanks to the Jews and traitors for force breeding the Irish with the African, bastards.

9 years ago

Insight from (the) Observer indeed. I remember my older brother told me that eugenics is bad… Then I told him to look at our white parents and his white self in the mirror and DEAL WITH IT. Sticking with your own race is the first step of eugenics. There is nothing “stupid”, “wrong”, or “evil” about it. If Jews try to improve their offspring – why can’t we?!

Reply to  BrianPolska
9 years ago

Brian! Welcome back, brother.

Please, don’t be a stranger.

9 years ago

“If Jews try to improve their offspring – why can’t we?!”

Right on target, and they shit and steal to achieve it!

Reply to  Jackportge
9 years ago

Yes, it is their only talent.

They are parasites, and are the woe of all nations.

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