Grits ‘n’ Gravy: Gregory Kay (1-12-15)


Jeb Interviews Author Gregory Kay

Gregory Kay was born to a blue-collar family in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in 1958. A graduate of Point Pleasant High School’s Class of 1976, he has held a wide variety of jobs, ranging from fur trapper to business manager, from white-water guide to police and security officer, from construction worker to martial arts instructor. Politically he is a Southern Nationalist, and has held state-level office in the League of the South, and state- and national-level positions with the Southern Party/Southern National Committee.

First published at the age of 19 in The West Virginia Woodsman, his fiction and non-fiction have been widely published in a variety of internet and hard-copy publications, including The First Freedom monthly newspaper, for which he is the West Virginia correspondent. Besides his own books, his works have also appeared in three Point Pleasant Writers’ Guild anthologies.

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