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9 years ago

CG is back finally ,and even by Renegade!!
Great move!!

Chris Taylor
9 years ago

Glad to see CG back. Always good stuff from him. Especially hearing his love for christianity. Welcom back Charlie. Hopefully we can get him more than once a week at renegade? Has his views on WN shifted a bit?

9 years ago

Blast from the past. Charles Giuliani interviews Stephen Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer, on 05 / 07 / 2007 At the 11 minute mark CG announces his schedule. His guests on consecutive days right after Wozniak will be: Texe Marrs, Jim Marrs, Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins and Jim Fetzer, then Mike Rivero, a week later, the entire round of troofers circa 2007. Check out this cool privacy device being backed by Dan Kottke Click on that lame-ass “V for Vendetta” Guy Fawkes/Lana Wachowski/Alan Moore mask to play the 3 minute video and other vids below. Notice that even this video makes sure to push the multi-cult agenda. Big surprise, since Jews own ALL the ad agencies and will never… Read more »

9 years ago

France to Deploy Thousands of Forces to Protect Jewish Schools and ‘Sensitive Sites’ PARIS: Seeking to reassure a jittery and unsettled population after last week’s terrorist attacks, the French authorities said Monday that thousands of police officers and soldiers would be deployed to protect Jewish schools and other “sensitive sites,” in one of the country’s biggest peacetime security operations. The Defense Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said that 10,000 soldiers would be deployed by Tuesday evening, in what he called “the first mobilization on this scale on our territory.” Le Drian announced the measures after President Francois Hollande called an emergency meeting to fashion the government’s response to the attacks. On Sunday, dozens of world leaders joined Hollande at the front of a march in Paris… Read more »

Charile from Down Under
9 years ago

Nice programme with CG. Cheers.

Great to see that Negentropic is posting here! He’s AWESOME!!! I commend all of his 911 postings over at the creepy David Icke forums. They’re under a different handle, synergetic67.

For the newbie to (or skeptic of) all things Media Fakery it’s one of the best visual laden summaries I’ve seen going round. Look here:
25 Second 9-11 Truth Test for All Your Friends

Synergetic67 also does a great line in esoteric writings too.

Ever thought of doing you own gig Neg?

Francis Dec
9 years ago

CG will not touch Race issue. I recall he had Terrible Tommy on his old show and could not be more of a sycophant distancing himself from the “klansman” Tom Metzger after the interview.

9 years ago

“CG will not touch Race issue” It’s not that he’s anti-white just that race is a negative issue and there is not too much to extrapolate on compared to International and Jewish issues. Jewish elites, Jewish physche, Jewish history etc are more ‘positive’ as they are a commentary on the past and present of the world’s most powerful group rather than the world’s least powerful groups. When dealing with race/immigration it can be extrapolated and explored in ways such as behaviour, biology, economics, crime etc but it inevitability boils down to the base instinct of “I want to live around my own kind”. It is not a conviction which is brought about by intellectualism but by innate survival instinct. However, survival instinct is generally not… Read more »

9 years ago

““CG will not touch Race issue”” ^ It appears that he is henceforth to be broadcasting through ANN, something he ought to rethink, never mind the fact that there are two CI-tards each with their own show there. However, should he ever land up on Renegade officially, I personally would not care at all if he did not focus on the racial question so long as whenever he did briefly address it (it is inevitable, race will continue to be one of the most discussed issues from here until forever) he was neutral or realistic (meaning our side), but definitely not opposed to racialism or spouting mainstream jew-lies distorting the truth concerning race and historical/present race-relations. Just keep bashing jewry, Charles. “It’s not that he’s… Read more »

Alexander (from Flanders)
9 years ago

This show is so good that I’ve already listened to it 3 times. No freaking joke. I want more!

I only knew Charles Giuliani by name so I have never listened to his work before. The stuff he talks about is not completely unknown to me, but there is so much information to proces that a little repetition can’t hurt.

So… bring it on Charles! Teach me more!! 🙂

And before I forget; this guy has one hell of radio-voice.

9 years ago

@” For the newbie to (or skeptic of) all things Media Fakery it’s one of the best visual laden summaries I’ve seen going round. Look here: 25 Second 9-11 Truth Test for All Your Friends” Thanks for the kind words, my Aussie friend, but the real credit for that thread goes to Simon Shack of September Clues Forum who did most of the research I copied-&-pasted and commented on. Because of the many witting & unwitting gatekeepers that are out there and I myself was an unwitting one for many years, it took me 10 years to figure out that Shack’s thesis on 9-11 and the ‘how’ or modus operandi of modern Psychological Operations in general is the closest to the truth and this thesis… Read more »

9 years ago

OMIGOD. Charles Giuliani is a GENIUS. I have NEVER heard such a good explanation of the lie of Christianity or the TRUTH about the role of the Jews in History. WELCOME TO RENEGADE, CHARLES. WE are eagerly awaiting your next program.

9 years ago

One very important thing I forgot to add: Monopolizing media and using the weapon of propaganda to condition and manipulate subconscious minds through lies is fraud. Propping up an agenda at the cost of truth is fraud. Using media to spread truthful propaganda is usually unavoidable. Propping up an agenda of truth is similar to a billboard with a beautiful model on it drawing your attention that says 2+2=4 or the Moon Landings were a Hoax. Does using a bit of titillation corrupt the truth? Depends on the degree of titillation. Like in all things truth and know-ledge is a question of balance, temperance and not compromise. Temperance is mixing your album for months in order to make it sound its best. Compromise is… Read more »

8 years ago

good to see you back Charles 🙂

8 years ago

Charles….pls name your archives most significant to least:


Truth Hertz-2015-12-22-Thoughts on “Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani

It would make it easier for organizing and archiving.

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