Heathen Hof: Compartmentalisation and the Masters of Illusion (10-8-18)

Tonight H.V starts off solo, dealing with some news stories, highlighting the compartmentalisation and confusion in our struggle. He highlights the Alt right’s lack of real thinking, or intellectualism, instead opting for easy targets to grandstand over. In the second hour he takes a call from Shaun in OK, and discusses a whole range of subjects and have a few laughs too.

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5 years ago

I believe this is the version of the audiobook Shaun was speaking of https://archive.org/details/MeinKampfAudio
Well worth a listen!
Great show HV and Shaun

Reply to  Les
5 years ago

Thanks for the link Les, do you know who the narrator is?

Reply to  Nuada
5 years ago

His voice is also on a video someone posted on YT – obviously a clip from Meinkampf from Hitler’s experiences in Vienna, but I myself do not know who it is, either.

5 years ago

Now Daily Stormer’s new slogan is: “#1 RAPE LEGALIZATION WEBSITE”
Seems that their goal is to be as vile, disgusting and Jewish as possible. Incredible, that there are still tons of retards, who take that website seriously.

5 years ago

Great show, HV! Thank you, Shaun from Oklahoma, and HV, for talking about the ridiculous lies concerning the Holy of Holies – the Holohoax! If we could destroy the Holohoax lies, we could free ourselves from the crippling jewish tyranny that is destroying our world! Great talking points, too, about the mass invasion of illegal non-whites in our countries, and the crime and chaos that these invasions bring about!

5 years ago

This man Sean stole your show Heathen Vegan, in a good way, I’m sure you’re magnanimous enough to admit.
Kyle, you should give him wild card show.

wolf GT
Reply to  Ross
5 years ago

Shaun should certainly ring up again, but they should try to avoid the overlap-inevitable when both have a lot to say. Great show HV, you get better as time moves on. Appreciate all that effort.

Reply to  wolf GT
5 years ago

I really like both guys! I wish that we could have shows with video, because our facial expressions and our body movements could effect a more balanced informational exchange – not that I’m criticizing anybody, because I’m not. Shaun really possesses much needed information and life experiences in America, and of course, HV can speak of his expertise of ancient knowledge, and what he sees, personally, in England! I laughed so hard when Shaun compared Andrew Anglin to a “tiny” Krushev – that was great!

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