Heathen Hof: Natural Living Versus Unnatural Existence (7-27-18)

In this broadcast HV talks to SC about a whole array of subjects, centering around Nature. How our ancestors went with natures flow, where as in the modern world we work against it. Topics touched upon, boundaries as viewed by our forebears, The national socialist model of revitalising a people, and many more.

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Reconnecting with our true spirituality will give our folk the clarity and focus needed to reject this sick materialistic void, and rise up again. This moment in time feels like a true joining of all our souls, and nature is speaking through us all, i feel.

PS Thank you HV & SC for your wise words that encourage our folk to embrace the fear, and live a authentic life, for however short a time. Only then do we break free from jewish world slavery and create a future that’s worth dying for.

Heathen vegan
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Thanks as always Anthony.

I too feel there is something special occurring. I guess its our job to make sure it stays on track.

5 years ago

Thanks HV and SC. Wonderful discussion. Especially on the honoring of boundaries as not only deeply important but even “sacred.” I never made the sacred connection before; felt a kind of reverence for them well up inside me. The drawing of the line in the sand, whether individually or as a group. You mentioned that the crossing of boundaries was done as ritual. How very super conscious. A ritual of self-preservation. I thought of the moat of old. And even of people boundaries (comfort zones) in terms of accepted distance of space between one’s self and any others, and how cultures differ. For instance, Americans vs Chinese. We tend to need a bit more space; they, however, get more up close and personal. I wondered… Read more »

Heathen vegan
Reply to  Liz
5 years ago

Thanks Liz, Yes, boundaries were very important places. I believe our ancestors were “super conscious” , it is hard for us to imagine in this world were most live trying to drown out their surroundings. Offering something to the deity and/or people that ruled a different area, was seen as a way normal practice. being in tune and offering reverence to our surroundings, both of men and the Gods and Goddesses, was key to survival. Our ancestors looked at this world very differently to ourselves. This is ultimately the motivation behind my study of them, to see what they saw, and feel what they felt. In this way I hope to benefit from their wisdom and knowledge. As their story unfolds within my mind, I… Read more »

Reply to  Heathen vegan
5 years ago

Thank you. Tuning into the ancestors is very new for me. I do understand that their super awareness existed unencumbered by the modern-day distractions that we live with today which block us from our natural, instinctual responses. Those who poison our world have messed with our ancient intelligence. Your work is a rediscovery of that attribute. A gift. The ancestors lived with a whole other set of challenges in terms of survival, not just due to outside threats, but to harsher living conditions. We know it was not always paradisal. Certainly much of it was, but oh the struggles they faced, helping them become who they were/are, revealing in them a deep sense of resilience and resourcefulness, and likely an inner strength they themselves did… Read more »

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