Heathen Hof: News from the UK (9-7-18)

In this pre recorded show, Heathen Vegan takes a look at the news in the UK and abroad. Delving into Immigration crime, current poverty levels and much more. All the time comparing to what we are told were the Evil NSDAP.

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5 years ago

Off the cuff is good….realy good. Take your own advice and trust your instincts.

5 years ago

As always, great show, HV. I thank you for your knowledge, dedication, courage, and truthful spirit.

5 years ago

Looking forward to listening, good stuff, keep it up with this natzee propaganda. I hope to do something similar too! Hail Victory!

5 years ago

What do you goys think of Shermon Burgess? He made a great video “what is NS?” Or something along those lines, no longer on yt. He seems to be the real deal, and doesn’t get many views. I won’t drop a link just search his name. Not like GDL Handsome truth, who is an obvious agent

Reply to  Vegtam
5 years ago

Are you from Australia Vegtam?

5 years ago

Thanks, HV, for igniting the fire that helps us remember the elderly and to find ways to be there for them. And I love what you recommend about finding the courage to hang out in the alleyways and be there for the helpless victims. Kind of an Alleyway Alliance. We can do what we can. We just gotta fight compassion fatigue and still respond somehow. Funny thing is, it’s a very local thing. No need to go far. Only open eyes. How far the system has taken us from this, all the way from caring to pure self-indulgence. And actually, when we help the other we help ourselves. It will take some effort to turn the tide but turn it must. And touching again on… Read more »

Reply to  Liz
5 years ago

MGTOW is another invention meant to divide whites even more. All of these modern women vs men ideas have Jewish origins or are promoted by them and their media. They take a few logical or rational ideas and exploit them to cause unnatural division and hatred.

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