Truth Hertz: Semitic Subversion In The Ancient Near Eastern and Roman Empires (9-6-18)

Charlie talks about Yahweh’s beloved pagan king Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar and the BS story of Daniel, the celebrated genocide of Persians, hebraic subversion of Rome and so much more. The times change, but their tactics remain the same.

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5 years ago

Great points, Charles! I should listen to this again, and take notes! The cruelty, the mass murder, the child raping orgies, their outright bragging of how they are going to destroy us – these jewish monsters have perpetrated just about every evil on the planet, and this proves that they will NEVER stop! They are the most blood-thirsty, cruel, and sadistic creatures that have ever roamed the planet! I never did like the accounts of the OT, especially that damn book of Esther – I am glad that Texe Marrs exposed that book for what it really is – mass murder of innocent people!! When I was growing up, I heard that Hitler hated the book of Esther, and that would make sense! I am… Read more »

5 years ago

I think that this is one of the most important broadcasts that I’ve listened to and the presentation is very good. I’m going to save this broadcast along with the few William Pierce broadcasts that I’ve archived. It’s important for our people to listen to this one because they need to learn how these people deceive us.

5 years ago Duke of Northumberland makes an excellent scholarly work against the Jooz in 1930 with his Pamphlet on this topic being discussed “First Jewish Bid For World Power”

wolf GT
5 years ago

More great work from Charles. The last two drove the point home so well, oh if only more would listen in. Always look forward to the next Truth Hertz. One brilliant mind at work.

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