Heathen Hof: The Power of Emotions (9-17-18)

In this episode HV talks about emotions and how our ancestors used them to relate to the world around them. He touches upon the “Vates” of ancient times, their relationship to Woden and the Folk. also about  how “Inspired fury”, empathy and altruism will play a key role in our salvation


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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

I think all you hosts here at Renegade are the modern day Vates. Just a few wise words from yourselves, can inspire and awaken our folk back to greatness. This blood message then becomes amplified and unstoppable. We will do this!

PS Another fine broadcast H.V. If words do fail, i’ve got a backup plan: Smear myself in authentic woad from heathenherbs.com and run down my
high st, stark-bollock naked, screaming “WODEN!!” Terrifying but effective in getting people to flee; just ask my previous girlfriends! I just hope it’s not a cold day lol.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Haha! Ah, after a horrible morning so far, this was the pick-me-up comment I needed. Thank you, Mr. Anthony. 😂

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

That would be something, Anthony! One of the best comments I read on jewtube, was – “I would love to go to a synagogue dressed like a Viking” – I laughed so hard – I thought that was awesome! Could you imagine all of those wimpy, whiney, nasally jews, shitting themselves if that would really happen?

5 years ago

Hey heathen vegan—half way through but wanted to zap this thought whilst it fleetingly stirs in my consciousness. Regarding predominantly women Ovates and blood and blood letting…inspired rage and poetic inspirations… Ovates is similar to the word ovaries —female place of binary POWER and EMOTIONS Really peeves me when people whine about menses and /or how emotional (derogatory) women are when bleeding or approaching their bleeding cycle It be women’s most psychically attuned state. The fact that dimethyltriptamine is also released confirms this power… Creative power Lucky 13 lunar cycles I am a spinster too and aware of walking a totally different path in this life. This too has been degraded in our culture—it’s not such an easy path self esteem wise… Thanks for your… Read more »

5 years ago

It is good to hear a man validate emotions and highlight their importance and naturalness. To trust them is to trust The Creation and what it has provided. They ain’t there for nothing. Seems the controllers do not want us in touch with our emotions; too much truth there. They want us cut off from those important (sometimes urgent) inner signals letting us know when something if off, or when something is on. And I’m thinking of the releases that come from untempered emoting, how feelings of both joy or sadness or even rage, can have an orgasmic quality to them (not physically but cathartically), where something is acknowledged, expressed, and not just swept away or repressed. Some assert that what we hold in does… Read more »

5 years ago

You are so right. The right left thing has turned us into lunatics fighting about fixed ideas that aren’t even helpful. Here’s a little insight from ‘science”. It turns out that the part of the brain that is left after damage can learn anything on either side. So the fixed idea that the left brain is solely logical and the right side is artsy is silly. You can’t really be completely logical or imaginative; you’re always somewhat both.

Anyway, good show!

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