Heathen Hunt: Anti-White Attacks & Magic Mind Control (7-19-18)

Kyle and HV take to the air for an impromptu show about the all-out warfare being waged against White people, how they have been able to accomplish so much with little resistance, and why understanding the nature of magic and ancestral beliefs holds the key to taking our power back.

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Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

The jewish media have ramped up the anti White stories in the last few weeks. It’s like 2-3 a day now. Totally staged with agents and crisis actors imo. We had: BBQ Becky (22); Pool Patrol Patty (777); Coupon Carl (33); “we only shoot black people” – dashcam cop; a plane rage; two bus rants; two “N” car road rage events; a women who snitched on black children; a White cop tazering a black man who was just sitting on pavement etc. All conveniently filmed on camera, of course. Not forgetting at least two White women a day who kill their babies, or sleep with 4-5 of their high school students. Yesterday we had 2 White men bash a person with baseball bats from behind,… Read more »

6 years ago

Typing of magic, here’s an interesting story involving it: https://ethericwarriors.com/2018/07/19/operatives-and-assholes/

5 years ago

‘Apeshit’ video with Beyonce and J Z in the Louvre – posing in front of famous works of art….what it looks like when nonwhites take over your culture. Is this not bad optics and that Title, I almost feel sorry for blacks being used like this to destroy white culture. Supercringe.

Foster XL
Reply to  Callwen
5 years ago

Ugghhh! That was extremely painful!

Reply to  Foster XL
5 years ago

I know, sorry – I felt bad posting that. I didn’t watch the whole thing, skipped through. Thought I heard this lyric though — “Dis don’t belong to you.’
On the Bright side, one of my family members is waking up to the ridiculous over saturation of blacks in our media. There’s a meme going around of 13% as a comment, on over-blacked media. 13% of America’s population is black. A sign TV-watching crowd is waking up.
Edit: “You ain’t own-a this…Don’t think they own-a this.’
A Haiku response:
Pimp and Ho style in the Louvre…
Yo, what does it prove?
Aryans are works of art.

5 years ago

Thank you Kyle and HV. Just as the revisionists have been repairing the truth of Hitler and WWll, with exhaustive research into suppressed material, and false or contradictory material, I hope the same happens for that age-old myth regarding Britain: “Before the Romans came they were all Barbarians.”  I grew up with that baloney and had it firmly implanted in my psyche. We in America thought you were all running around with clubs, eating raw meat, and pretty much having perpetual orgies. So thank you for beginning to shine a light on the lie and highlighting the beauty and intelligence that was firmly in place pre-Romans. Beauty and intelligence reflect decency and awareness of the other. Mostly we create not only to survive, but also… Read more »

Reply to  Liz
5 years ago

I wish my friend who shares your name would come around to seeing what you do! I linked a great site in my name for you. Revision is necessary for so much of our history and in my own studies and research ALL of it is sorely in need of revision. Medieval and “Dark Ages” history is filled with lies and though there has been great advances in the revision of that period of our history where it is not affecting the prevailing PC BS of our contemporary age there is much that is racial and that if the Truth were exposed would shine a very positive light on and advance our Heathen Racial NS worldview and expose the evil of the Judaic and Christian… Read more »

5 years ago

Dear Kyle and H.V. I’m sure you’ve both been told so before but you guys have a great back and forth dynamic. There is a lot I could write but one thing you mentioned that stood out to me was Trump’s speeches and hand gesture which humorously Kyle calls the Faschole. What I want to point out is that this constant use of that particular hand gesture is that he is inducing a heightened mental and emotional state while also confusing and blurring rational thought and focus by drawing attention to the point between the fingers and then release, listen to voice, look at face, other hand, look at the point between the fingers, release, and on and on in every speech he gives it… Read more »

5 years ago

Sometimes when ya post, ya jus’ gotta live with other folk’s assumptions about ya. What you say might be augmented or detracted from. Might even be distorted. Such is the virtual world. Ya reach for clarity, but… And then there’s what you yourself hide. So the pie is never fully baked, it only offers aromas and occasional cognition. Such IS the virtual world, yet we extract what we can. It just might be the technological component of our existential dilemma. Ahhh, but once in a while there is magic, and ya come away feeling understood. So those are the moments that beg continuance. Jus’ sayin’.


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