Truth Hertz: Hebraic Horrors Unleashed on the Hittites (7-18-18)

Charlie gives some inspiring rants on the need for modern day Vikings ready to bash the skulls of their enemies before getting into his main topic for the show, which is how the tribe took down the advanced Bronze Age civilization of the Hittites.

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5 years ago

An encyclopedia of Tribal crimes would be epic. I hope Charles goes for it.

I watched a video, where the narrator read out recorded Jewish crimes committed in Europe from sometime round the 7/8th Cen. He read out the crime, date and what happened to the Jewish perpetrator/s. It took over an hour to read out!

Excellent show. Thanks Charles.

5 years ago

Shekelettes? Sounds like a good name for a 1950s, early 60s Jewish rock n roll group. “Shlomo Shekels and the Shekelettes”

5 years ago

Hey Charles, I was wondering if you could do a show exposing Eustace Mullins?

Reply to  Alex
5 years ago

Email Charlie with questions at

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