Heathen Hunt Hour: Censorship of Present & Past in the Uncivil War (8-8-18)

Kyle and HV talk about what’s going on with the recent censorship push and how the battle lines are being drawn by our enemies for their benefit. They then discuss some theories regarding pre-humans, the so-called missing link, Sumerian intervention theories, and modern sightings of hominoids.

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5 years ago

Twitter? If you follow a couple of accounts in a row they’ll suspend you for bot behavior. One day I may appeal mine. Essentially you tell them they made a mistake. It’s online. If you care one day you’ll appeal it, happened to me too. You’re suspended not banned it says.

Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Extincted? I think Jones has been listening to me on the recent roundtables here lol. Although i do believe there is a jew-flix film called “Extinction” coming out soon, with a Mexican playing the lead and saving the U.S. from aliens. Sounds about right. There is also a new one called “How It Ends,” about a rogue strike on the west coast, with blackout, civil war, and pyroclastic waves. What with the seattle needle being open again after ((( refurbishment ))) and their DEW wildfires, could this be predictive programming like we now see with 9-11? The timing of all the things: censorship, anti-White rhetoric, gun-grab, race war, possible stock crash and constant hoax events, does point to something big around the corner. They want… Read more »

Rick Oliver
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Nah, not a mestizo saving the U.S. from aliens. A mestizo android saving android-controlled Earth from invading humans.

5 years ago

Youtube and Instagram also banned Sam Hyde almost at the same time, almost no reason what so ever, his comedy has nothing that could be described as “unkosher” or WN. Imagine that they could do with non PC political commentators or just people, who promote healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits, etc

5 years ago

Haven’t listened to show yet, but hope you return to Twitter. I mean, isn’t it just what they want, to have folks just walk away. At least some stuff will get through. I know it’s all toxic, but so many are facing this brutal censorship and I hope they all fight back. Just found this:

Dystopian screenplay? Twitter considers ‘off-platform behavior’ when banning hate speech:



5 years ago

Great impromptu show. I really liked the second half. Wish I would’ve listened live so I could’ve called in for the second part. Regarding Sitchin, you’re right not to trust him. He’s wrong on so many levels. Was most likely a disinfo agent…certainly incompetent as a so called, “scholar.” He added a religious connotation when there wasn’t any. Also, his “work” only covered what was in the Isin Kings-list. There are more than just those. Laurence Waddell’s approach was much better when it comes to translating cuneiform tablets from antiquity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waddell%27s_chronology He did comparative interpretations between the Kings-list of ancient Mesopotamia but also from the Indus Valley region. Later, he included Ancient Egypt. Of course his work has been either sidelined or completely ignored by… Read more »

5 years ago

Great show! They’re trying to contain the outbreak of truth and fix in what’s mainstream again, not sure it’ll work for them this time.
On another note, something for your Opium documentary, I came across a ton of info in John Coleman’s Committee of 300. He made a link between the Southern cotton plantations (cotton picked), the women and children working in N. England factories 16 hours a day (processing cotton) to India where the finished cotton put farmers there out of livelihoods…forced them to grow more opium, which was considered fine there. A Cotton-Opium arrangement using slaves in the South and in N. England.

5 years ago

TV and The Outlaw Industry: How Our Paranoias Are Exploited for Fame and Profit by Dr. Timothy Leary, Ph.D. – written while incarcerated in federal prison, San Diego, 1976, and originally published in the National Review on April 16, 1976. https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?p=1063035677#post1063035677 post #360 This is a must-read. It is most of the original essay written in prison where Leary exposes every aspect of how the “Outlaw Industry” he himself was a part of operates at the behest of lawyers, the psychology behind it; the mind-games and roles it programs people with and relies on for people to act out, etc. He also runs John Lennon, Mick Jagger and especially Bob Dylan aka Robert Zimmerman straight over the coals as charlatans and exploiters. Later editions of… Read more »

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