Arcane Semantics: Journalistic Pitfalls & Media Regulation (8-6-18)

This airing we discuss the media wars – from Facebook, Twitter and Google liberal bias to the potential threat the Alex Jones/ Sandy Hook court trial may pose toward the independent media in future.  We address some of the many distortions and lies in the war agendas and regime changes.  We discuss the rampant racism against whites which currently dominates the education system, corporate and social media, advertising and entertainment industries.  Additionally, an upcoming “White Rights Rally” is discussed as yet another PSYOP modeling after the engineering of last year in Charlottesville, one of a few which have been occurring this summer.  We cite some recent threats through NGO proxies upon those who might otherwise oppose these immigration policies, both in the United States and among European Countries.  Some inconsistencies from the resistance to immigration in these countries are also considered.  We take a call from Kevin and two anonymous callers.  Some perspectives are shared from one caller’s recent visit to Germany.  Viewpoints on the Southwest, First & Second Amendment Rights and the independent media are likewise discussed.  Divergences among or associations with various media platforms are also considered, along with a few additional topics.

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5 years ago

I heard a report that a big false flag is imminent. That it has been in the works for some time and will serve the dual purpose of demonizing freedom of communication on the internet and pushing war. With Iran and/or Venezuela. It will be a 3rd attack along the lines of OK City and 9.11. A mass casualty event and a regulation of online activity that outlaws anonymity will be the Patriot Act this event is meant to push. The reporter I heard this from is the young blonde from infowars Millie Weaver who folks tried to black pill at Charlottesville last year. She said the source of this information was the same one who warned her an attack was coming in Toronto 2… Read more »

Reply to  Steven
5 years ago

9÷11= 8-18-18

Reply to  Steven
5 years ago

If this occurs then people need to begin actions against our enemies and FULL SUPPORT MUST BE PROVIDED to those taking action. Work smart. Stupidity will cost us.

5 years ago

To the caller who recently visited Germany… Thank you for that snapshot of Germany. So sad. Every time I hear about the demise of any European country, in terms of losing its traditional soul, its culture, it is like a stabbing to the heart, to the essence of my being. You know, somehow I thought my European brothers and sisters would never put up with this stuff, the rainbow morph, the illegal invasions disguised as refugee crisis, the police state, the endless supply of money for war and money to Israel. But I am coming to understand that Europe is dealing with pretty much the same thing we are here, and even at a more accelerated pace. I had somehow expected Europeans to halt it.… Read more »

Reply to  Liz
5 years ago

German government get their marching orders from American embassy.

Reply to  Bill33
5 years ago

…that gets ITS marching orders from Bibi.


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