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10 years ago

I really appreciate you taking my call Dana. I know that some of the listeners are tired of hearing my voice. I dont mean to offend, its just that a lot of times the only way I have to listen is over the phone.

Return of Tyr
Reply to  Jeb
10 years ago

I personally am not tired of hearing your calls Jeb. Some of us disagree with you on Christianity, but overall you always seem to make really good points that make me think.

10 years ago

Epic, as is usual.

10 years ago

Great show Dana! I will give my opinion about the “superior” caller (michael) with a fagy jewish vice! He is either a lonely 17 year old boy who never had a girlfriend and would like to be superior and rule over Slavs(wich would destroy his litle ass), and would like to have poligamy so he could finaly get laid!Then he would like to organize people around him self so someone can protect his litle superior ass because he is not able to do it him self,his voice speak for it self! Or he is a litle jew fag that calles to start shit up and divide people that are concerned about all european people no mather wich country they belong to! I dont know to… Read more »

10 years ago

Jeb call in anytime brother!

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