Imperium Europa w/ Dana Antiochus 12-18-13

Tonight I will have Salman Hossain, who I introduced a few shows back.  We will be discussing the concept of alliances between race-nationalists, the formation of a transcendent movement specifically designed to engender cooperation between various peoples against the world parasite; his experience in Canada and getting on the Interpol list for “hate crimes”; past work with Pro-Think’s Mike Delaney; an outside perspective on what white people can do to throw of the yoke their oppressor, the interlocking relationship between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and much much more!  I would like to ask any callers later in the show who would like to speak with Salman to be respectful and adhere to Aryan principles of honor….

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10 years ago

Dana, I really liked the guy you had on as your guest. You had a great show tonight as usual. While I don’t believe everything that he said, he does make some very excellent points. We have to expand our concept of what it means to be an “Aryan”.

Kevin Sommers
10 years ago

Really intelligent show, I do hope that you bring Mr. Hossain back for another show. You two have a lot of great insight, just one part I’d disagree with is Mr. Hossain’s assertion that our spirituality needs to be universalism and focused on expansion. This may be the right approach for other races, but I’d say it is very dangerous for us whites to attempt doing the same. We have a bad habit of trying to convert others to our way of living(first in their own countries, and then by forcing them to live amongst us) and it plays into the pattern that’s lead to the downfall of many white civilizations. I think Islam offers a lot of great things for the Arabic people, but… Read more »

Reply to  Kevin Sommers
10 years ago

I agree completely. White history has shown us to be far more fanatical about moral ingroups-outgroups than ethnic or racial ones. The thirty years war is a prime example of this, as well as the wars of Christian conquest against pagan Europe. During our pre-Christian history, it was once said that a Roman or a German or a Scythian never claimed that any other Gods besides their own were “false,” but that all Gods, no matter what their names, appearances, or histories, came from the same mystic source. Dana: Keep interviewing people like this, it adds some much needed intellectually flexibility to the movement. Have you ever thought of getting into contact with the anarchist Kieth Preston at He’s a smart guy, writes quite… Read more »

10 years ago

Another thought provoking show. Some comments and notes: It’s true that kikejews seldom waste time on facts, and too often We Others get caught up in them; however, Truth is always fact, and those who lie intentionally, especially to their own, are not philosophic Aryans, whatever their genetics. (Mark Weber is a traitor!) The “lost cause” folks make up about 80% of the population, regardless of their age or location, with some variation in particular cases. They are sheeple who will follow any leader, whether Us, Them, or Another. “War is a jew harvest!” ~ old proverb For White security, Whites must rule, preferrably without domination, into a future which leads to the stars. Without this there is no Survival. For now, We must develop… Read more »

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