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10 years ago

Hum! suddenly a question sprung in my head: and who were the normans? Many of my ancestors came here from Normandy, but were they normans? My patronym, le febvre, is said to originate from Perche (a town called Montmirail, if you want to search, the region doesn’t exist anymore). There were a lot of le febvre in Rouen ~1600, they were notaries, as my ancestor Pierre would have probably been, had he lived (or not disappeared) long enough. And there is this solid theory his wife was iroquois… To explain why it is solid is an example of things never being what they look like at first glance and the need to fill many holes in the “history for complete goyim” 😛 If I refer… Read more »

10 years ago


10 years ago

The older books are better. I find that books from the 50’s and earlier tends to have less jewish marxist bullcrap in them, but most of the official records of the medieval times went through royal approval, so the truth of the age was subject to the tastes/morals of the king at the time. Le Febvre is listed as a Norman name, but it’s funny you should mention the iroquois because my great great grandaddy was sent over from normany to fight the iroquois with the algonquin. The Norman city that my family originates from still exists, and I can;t wait to go and visit.

Have you ever heard of Neustria?

Reply to  Andrew
10 years ago

Nice to mention Neustria, it was in some corner of my mind. Funny, it already more or less means Normandy. Lefebvre being listed as a norman name is one of the usual shortcuts historians make 😛 They came here from Normandy but don’t have their roots there. They originate from nearer Paris. More chances other of my ancestors, Jean de la londe dit l’espérance or Pierre Henault dit deschamps, were more rooted in Normandy as they came from there and were illiterate (this would already make for heavy historical review: literacy in France), but I have yet to find some documents. The war with the iroquois seems also to be a shortcut 😉 They were settling around Trois-Rivières at this time (but it is not… Read more »

10 years ago

G’day mate, great show! I too have quite a chunk of Norman ancestry so your show was fascinating. Heathen Foray are great aswell they remind me of Arghoslent, a great band you should check out with lyrics dealing with White history and the such. Keep it up.

Tom from Aus

10 years ago

Andrew, I have to say. I love this podcast. I like your style and humour in general. But you’re touching on one of my favourite subjects, Germanic ethnology, anthropology and general history. Even better that you cover the opposite side of my fence, as I am descended from Anglo-Saxons and damn proud. But because of that I have only studied Normandy from my side of the race-fence. So it was great to hear an enthusiastic exposition of one of Germania’s Sons that has escaped my attention. A suggestion, though, by no means a criticism. If you can get a cheap copy, you should read Madison Grant’s “Passing of the Great Race” as it deals with the physical manifestation of the Norman substrait of the Nordic… Read more »

10 years ago

Yup! Lalonde were normans, a branch of the Wilhelm (Guillaume) family. Found their 11c seal 😀 The name Londe comes from the scandinavian lund, meaning forest…

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