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Dana Antiochus
11 years ago

Sorry for the pops and sounds in the background guys, i don’t know what it was, maybe i should’ve muted one of the callers listening in, who knows. anyway, here is a link to Stella Natura festival

11 years ago

Great show Dana. Just the type of info I am looking for. Thumbs up!

11 years ago

Dana Antiochus interviews musician and former activist Robert N. Taylor on Taylor’s vivid experiences with the revolutionary, anti-communist, Minutemen organization of the ’60s and ’70s, and his later work with the folk band Changes. Robert N. Taylor has played an active and influential role on the outsider Right for decades. In the 1960s, he was closely involved with The Minutemen, a grassroots anti-communist group headed by Robert Bolivar DePugh. Due to a variety of factors, including pressure from the FBI and other organizations, the paramilitary group widely known for its “Traitors Beware!” stickers eventually disbanded; but a template for many future militia groups had been formed. After leaving The Minutemen, Taylor turned to other interests and founded the first incarnation of his folk band Changes… Read more »

11 years ago

I tried to call in with this comment and question, but it was not taken:

White Nationalists have done nothing at the Mexico border about the Mexican invasions, the United States Militias watched while the government murdered at Ruby Ridge & Waco,
and the Ku Klux Klans did not violently stand up to American forced school integration.

Beyond propaganda, preparing, picking on reds and playing army…
What actions did the Minutemen actually take against the system?

Dana Antiochus
11 years ago

sorry Damon – i thought you were just listening the whole time, but you were not muted, you could’ve just blurted anything you wanted to say and it should’ve went through. next time.

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